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Mayfield Community Play is on!

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When and Where

You are invited to our launch party at Mayfield Memorial Hall from 5pm to 6:30pm on Saturday 27th January 2018.

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What to expect

At our launch party you can find out all about our initial ideas for the play.  We think it will focus on the roles that women, with the support of men, have played in shaping our community and influencing wider society. The story will be developed for us by a professional playwright, from memories and ideas suggested by local people. As well as from research into the history and legends of Mayfield. Read more about our early ideas for the story here.

Discussion, Ideas, team

There will be drinks and nibbles and a chance to get together with other people to share ideas to help develop the story. You may have memories of your own that you want to share about life in Mayfield. Or you may know stories about local events from the past, passed by relatives or friends. Hearing what we have found out so far, and other people’s ideas may inspire you to come up with ideas you want to tell us about at a later date. You will also be able to meet the playwright, Suzi Hopkins, and the director, Stephen Israel, who will be there to talk about the play and answer any questions.

Free workshops – February and March 2018

save the dateLook out for news about our free workshops to be held after the February half term. They will be open to everyone who wants to get involved with the Community Play either acting, or behind the scenes. (For example, by helping with costumes, props, lighting, tickets or publicity.)

Performance dates – October 2018

show ticketsThere will be performances in October during the Autumn half term on:

•Wednesday 24th October 2018

•Thursday 25th October 2018

•Friday 26th October 2018

•Saturday 27th October 2018 (matinee and evening).

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