Fundraising for the project is progressing well. We are very pleased to announce that we have been successful in gaining a grant from The Arts Council England; the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; and Mayfield Parish Council. By early in the new year we will know how successful we have been with our remaining three grants (Wealden District Council; East Sussex Arts Partnership).                    

We are also very grateful that some generous local individuals and organisations have offered their services for free or pledged money to the project. So we are pretty confident that we will meet our fundraising targets for the big-ticket items on the budget. 

Assuming the project is successful with our fundraising we are planning a variety of free workshops open to anyone who wants to get involved with acting or behind the scenes. The first workshops, aimed at people who are interested in acting will begin after February half term. 


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Mayfield community play is a big project. We expect to have over 100 local people involved acting, making music or behind the scenes. To help make the project a success we have invited Stephen Israel and Suzi Hopkins of ‘The Company‘ to give us their professional support. We want to employ a newly qualified theatre designer to design the look and costumes for the play. We aim to collaborate with local film makers to create film sequences to add to the action and musicians to help develop the sound scape for the play. This all costs money. We will be paying standard industry rates to our writer, director and designer – but other professionals have offered their services for free, including a stage manager, assistant director, prop designer, film makers and musicians. 

Volunteer your time or money


Do you have any spare time or money you would like to donate? The Mayfield Community Play Steering Group would love to hear from you. Phone: Jo Compton (Chair) 01435 873832 or email:

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