1. Sue and Graham Young

    Wonderful. Lovely to be involved with the stories. Super costumes and all beautifully staged.
    Enjoyed the Mayfield band who could have had a larger role.
    The music and projections in the Chapel were also outstanding.
    Very original and enjoyable, congratulations to all involved.

  2. Mick & Teresa Bishop

    An excellent production that we travelled up from South Wales to see, with a cousin who lives in the village. The focus on inspirational women and their lives and times was as it should be. Moving the audience around, much like the National Theatre of Wales do, made us feel physically part of the performance. The dialogue was concise but informative. Individual performances credible and hugely enjoyable. It was great to see young people involved, and linking the past to the present with film was entirely consistent. I don’t think we can pour sufficient praise on this wonderful production

  3. Clyn Lilly

    A reasonably enjoyable evening and must congratulate everyone on all the hardwork they had put in. However I found the scenes in the church very difficult to understand – they were very muddled with too much shouting and running around going on. The acoustics were very bad and it was difficult to hear the lead actors and to comprehend what was happening. I know of a number of people who left after the church which was a shame.
    The memorial hall scenes were much better and one got a better idea of the families involved etc and the storyline. Very good singing and music throughout the evening.

    The scene in the chapel was quite moving and the film projections on the wall were excellent.
    A pleasant evening albeit a bit different and also at times a bit confused.

  4. Gary Huxtable

    What a fabulous production. Was very impressed! The acting was better than I expected, the amount of work that had been put into it was clearly visible. Such a wonderful thing for the village to be involved in. Very happy.

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